Sunday, July 31, 2011

Netatalk 2.2 released!

Netatalk - the AFP-compatible fileserver - is ready in version 2.2. Well, that sounds not worth noting at all - just another open-source software climbs one up. But this time it's different. Netatalk is used throughout many NAS appliances including those of QNAP and Western Digital and the new version 2.2 is needed for TimeMachine backups under Mac OS "Lion" to network shares.
The guys developing Netatalk seemed to be not very happy with their situation at: They did the developing and the big (NAS-)companies got the money! So the developers wrote a open letter asking "Making money from Opensource, but who makes the source ?". A good question, isn't it? ;)
Fortunately Data Robotics, Western Digital Corporation and QNAP jumped in with a commitment and so we will (hopefully) see Mac OS Lion compatible TimeMachine shares in NAS firmwares soon. I'm at the moment waiting for a 0.7 release of FreeNAS with Netatalk 2.2. But maybe I should ask the same question as the Netatalk developers the other way around?
"I'm in need of source, who needs money?"

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