Sunday, July 12, 2015

Compiling (or Downloading) aseprite V1.1-dev on Mac OS

Hi folks,

lately I've found some time (hu?) and get back to my nerdy roots. So I decided to build some retro-style point-and-click adventure (lucas-style) for my (retina) kids. ;)

I found out that asperite seems to be a nice and open-source sprite editor and animator.

Building this one from the sources at is relatively easy (just read Doing the trick at a recent MacOS needs some extra-thinking.


You need a recent Xcode (I used Xcode 6.1.1). Get it from the Appstore. Additionally you need MacOSX10.4.Universal.pkg from folder "Packages" of Xcode 3.1.4 (you need a free developer account at Apple).

Install cmake. I prefer cmake from the homebrew distribution. If you got brew already installed, just type:

brew install cmake

Step-By-Step Guide

Install MacOSX10.4.Universal.pkg by holding down Ctrl while opening the file. It goes to "/SDKs". You can move it to wherever you like. I assume it's at "SDKs".

Clone github repo:

git clone --recursive

Create a build directory and make it the current directory:
cd aseprite
mkdir build
cd build
Then create the build files:
If everything went through just type:
make all
The build process takes some time. After it's finished you'll find a new directory "bin". So type
 cd bin
And here we go. If you need a fancy app-bundle you can get the trial of the commercial version at In the bundle replace "aseprite" in "Contents/MacOS" and the folder "data" at "Contents/Ressources".

If you like you may download my compiled app here.


  1. I try to do it but I have some errors on make build process.
    Could you please update the compiled app to the new versions? (current version 1.1.3)
    Thanks for the tutorial

  2. make all fails, because there is no all rule, anymore. Can you help?